Statistically, very few people ever get to hold the prestigious positions of Directing Managers or Chief Executive Officers. Most students aspire to hold such positions at some point later in life. However, this requires hard work and passion. Most successful companies credit their success to vision and passion their founders had to scale their businesses to profitable companies.

The Kenyan Innovation ecosystem is highly vibrant compared to other neighboring ecosystems. In Kenya, we have numerous well-educated graduates that compete for limited employment positions. After graduation, graduates soon find out that we have a flooded job market with limited positions expected to accommodate all the graduates.

In the developed countries, we have seen teenage millionaires scale up across Europe and USA. What do they all have in common? INNOVATION. They are young innovators, the common denominator being that they natured a skill and monetized it. The information age is characterized by the Internet as a networking and communication tool.  Most of these teenagers have embraced technology in their business models from the start. The Internet is a very powerful tool when applied in capacity building.

In Africa and particularly Kenya, we have a unique economic ecosystem. Most of the solutions have been sourced externally but in recent years, the status quo is changing. Most new innovations in the world come from Africa. We are a unique continent with unique problems. We require unique solutions.

The design thinking program imparts students with knowledge on human-centered solutions to problems we encounter every day. In other words, you innovate to create solutions. We expect an elaborate design thinking master class at the NIW2018.

Delegates at the design thinking masterclass at the NIW2016 edition.


The Nairobi Innovation week provides a platform for potential student innovators and entrepreneurs to interact and build networks. Students are especially encouraged to register for the pre-events where they will undergo various training sessions on design thinking and innovation.

The Innovation week will be happening in March 2018. Students are encouraged to innovate and attend the event. This is your opportunity to become an innovator and showcase your innovation through the student innovation ambassador program. Lookout for the next blog on NIW Startups. 

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