The Nairobi Innovation Week has grown in capacity since inception in 2015. Each year, subsequent events attract a bigger number of partners, delegates and sponsors. The 1st edition attracted over 10 partners, the 2nd and 3rd editions of the event attracted well over 40 partners combined. These partnerships will leave a lasting impact to the future generations. 

The number of partners is expected to grow in subsequent events, we are going global. Dr. Omwansa, the chairperson of the Nairobi Innovation Week committee was quoted in the previous event saying that the committee was looking for partners who share the same passion for innovation. 

Barclays Bank has partnered with NIW since inception in 2015.


The Nairobi Innovation Week 2018 is expected to attract various partners and sponsors from both government and the private sector.  The 3rd Edition of the Nairobi Innovation Week held in March 2017 attracted numerous partners and 13 sponsors.

Our strategic partners include;

  •         Ministry of Higher Education
  •         Science and Technology
  •         Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (MoICT)
  •         Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives
  •         Finnish Embassy
  •         UNICEF
  •         African Development Bank
  •         National Research Fund

The Nairobi Innovation Week committee would like to build sustainable partnerships that will impact the future. With shrinking employment opportunities, these partnerships will secure the future of the younger generation.

Some of the organizations  organizations that are interested in partnering with the Nairobi Innovation Week  2018 include Safaricom, Barclays Bank and iBiz Africa. The Nairobi Innovation Week is convened by the University of Nairobi.

Look out for our program to be released soon.

Don’t forget to download the NIW2018 app and connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or at

Registration for is ongoing for the sponsors, delegates and exhibitors.


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