The Nairobi Innovation Week, whose theme is “Innovating for a better tomorrow” is aligned to the  development areas that Uhuru’s Government unveiled during the last Jamhuri Day celebrations. President Kenyatta unveiled his Big Four plan primarily focusing on economic development.The four pillars that his administration will focus on include food security, affordable housing, manufacturing and affordable healthcare.  

‘Agriculture and Food Safety’ is one of the sub-themes of the NIW2018. Africa has favorable weather throughout the year such that we can potentially feed the world with proper utilization of land and better agricultural practices. The irony is, we receive food aid from countries that cannot grow anything during winter due to freezing temperatures. All these are about to change. With a focus on food security from both government and private sector, we will become a self-sufficient nation and continent. A good number of the academic papers presented at the Nairobi innovation Week every year focus on improving agriculture. Our exhibitors also showcase their agricultural innovations to delegates, potential users and investors at the event.

Agricultural innovation showcased at at NIW2017.


“As part of the Big Four, our tea, coffee, meat, fruits, and vegetables will be processed locally. This way, we will obtain more value from our produce, and create more jobs and wealth for Kenyans,” he said. You can expect new coffee and tea products to be launched at the innovation week in subsequent years.

President Kenyatta went on to emphasize the need to expand our manufacturing industry. He highlighted the Blue Economy, Agro-Processing, Leather and Textiles as the sub-sectors his administration will focus on. At the innovation week, we encourage startups that locally manufacture their products to showcase their innovations/products that have been manufactured locally thus growing our economy. Lookout for some of these startups during the #100pitches of NIW2018.

During the opening ceremony of NIW2016, President Kenyatta encouraged innovations in the healthcare sector. He noted that Africa generally has a unique health ecosystem because we fall within the tropics. He commended the faculty of the University of Nairobi for their work in research in improving healthcare and medication during his tour of the exhibitions. We encourage startups in healthcare to join the network at NIW.Startups for a chance to win big, pitch and showcase your innovation at NIW2018.

The Nairobi Innovation Week 2018 is aligned to the ‘Big Four’ agenda so as to achieve economic sustainability and growth. Register to attend the biggest March event.

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