Best betting sites in Kenya with welcome bonus and cash out

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125 KES
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First deposit sports
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First deposit sports
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Welcome bonus
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100 KES
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min. odds 2.0
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1 KSh
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There has never been a better time for sports betting in our beautiful country. With the vast plethora of great domestic and international betting sites operating in Kenya, with top competitions like Premier League and Champions League keeping us hooked to our TV sets and mobile phones, and with Kenyan sports finally on the rise, the fans of sports and betting finally have their moment.

In this article, we will tell you all about the best betting sites in Kenya and point you to the ones that will make it worth your while, whether it is with juicy bonuses, banking options or betting apps.

So, stick with us and you’ll learn how to separate the great from the so-so, while having fun and turning your passion into cash.

Let us first take a look at our contenders.

Top sites for online betting in 2023 with bonuses

Betting site Welcome bonus on the first deposit Maximum bonus amount Wagering requirement Minimum deposit Android/iOS app
Paripesa 100% 12000 KES 5x 120 KES Yes/Yes
BetWinner 100% 15000 KES 5x 120 KES Yes/Yes
GGBET 100% USD 100 15x USD 5 Yes/Yes
888Starz 100% 13035 KES 5x 120 KES Yes/Yes
22Bet 100% 15000 KES 5x 125 KES Yes/Yes
PariMatch 100% USD 430 12x USD 5 Yes/Yes
Helabet 100% 10000 KES 5x 50 KES Yes/No
betObet 100% USD 100 10x USD 10 Yes/No 100% (with promo code) 25000 KES 30x 300 KES Yes/No
N1 Bet Free bet for four first deposits 200 USD / USD 10 No/No

How our reviews work: Finding the top betting sites in Kenya

For sure, the proper – and absolutely the most fun – path to choosing the best bookmaker to cover all your betting needs is just trying them all, one by one.

But who’s got that much time on their hands, to find a genuine link, to register for online betting, to add M-Pesa or other payment method, to top up your account and to keep track of all those wagering requirements for bonuses?

That is where our website comes into play. We will be doing all the hard work for you, so you can kick back, relax and do what you do best. And to show you that we’re true, we’ll tell you precisely what our train of thought is.

These are the main features we look for when reviewing online betting sites in Kenya. There are even more nuances, as you will see once you dive into our articles.

  • We will never, ever, ever recommend a betting site in Kenya that: a) does not accept Kenyan players; b) isn’t secure and safe; c) does not treat all the players equally and fairly. This is what the lawyers would call “conditio sine qua non” – no matter how hyped it is, if a bookie fails this test, we will call them out for it.
  • Closely connected to the security of online betting sites in Kenya is the matter of their license. Some of the bookmaker companies, as you will see, are registered in Kenya and possess a license under our own Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act. Others, though, are registered overseas.
  • We love bonuses, and so do the players. The top betting sites will draw players in with a welcome package, usually for making their first deposit. But the goodies shouldn’t and must not end there – we will check benefits like cashback or jackpots and highly rate those that have it.
  • Players should be allowed to replenish their account in a number of ways, and it’s very important that among those payment options are the ones that are popular in Kenya. We say kudos to all the bookies that cooperate with M-Pesa Kenya – and those who like cryptocurrencies, too.
  • So you’ve topped up your account, you’ve grabbed a bonus for Kenyan players, you’ve made some bets and – as luck would have it – you have won! Just how fast will it take for that money to show up in your bank account? The withdrawal speed.
  • There are similarities, but also striking differences when it comes to design and interface. Since you’ll be hopefully spending a lot of time on an online betting site, you’d definitely want it to look nice and to be without any bugs.
  • We will give you an extensive list of new betting sites in Kenya, but we will not stop at websites. Are there apps for Android and iOS devices? How good are they? How easy is it to install them? Those are just some of the questions to be taken into account.
  • Perhaps a player has made a wrong turn on a website or just got himself into a problem of some sorts. Will there be a helping hand? Customer care is of great importance, and it’s always better to have a phone contact, and not just email address.
  • Sports fans will be sports fans, and we know that passion sometimes takes precedence. How abundant is the sportsbook? What kind of bets can you make? If you’re a newbie, how to place your first bet on an online betting site? Are there special markets? What about esports?
  • You’ve come to our website because you’re into sports betting, but it never hurts to take your mind off of the pitch every now and then and enter the casino. Provided there is one, of course, how good is it?

Explaining the bonus for betting sites in Kenya in 2023

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there are definitely some free bets lurking around if you’re a new player trying to make a punt at an online betting site in Kenya.

The welcome bonus is just one of the incentives that bookies use to attract new customers. There are several other benefits waiting for you on almost every betting website or an app.

Let’s take a look at the most prominent and learn about the various bonuses.

Type of bonus Description Pros Cons
Welcome bonus This one sounds straightforward but that it just one part of the story. Register on the betting website in Kenya, then make your first deposit and you’ll be eligible for a welcome bonus that will, in most cases, double that amount Great way to start betting at a potentially low cost Wagering requirements mean that the welcome bonus is not so simple – and sometimes it is not cheap, either
Cashback Sometimes the luck just does not follow you. Top betting destinations in Kenya will calculate how much money you have lost in a week, and refund some of it to your account It’s always nice to land back on your feet Not all the bookies have it, and sometimes the percentage is just too low
Bonus for a series of losing bets If you’re in a negative streak, don’t worry – many bookies will reward you just for making bad bets It might be just what you need to break the duck More often than not this is just a symbolic figure
Referral bonus Invite a friend or a colleague to register using your bonus code and you’ll get the percentage of their first deposit Receive some money or free bets just for being a good friend! Some users might be unwilling to do this
Accumulator of the Day Some of the bookies will have their own suggestions for parlays or multibets. Heed their advice to add some more coefficients to your bet slip Amazing way to start building accumulators if you’re a newbie Most of the players will prefer to make their own bets

10 most popular sports for betting in Kenya

Perhaps it is not a surprise that the rise of popularity of online betting in Kenya coincided with the meteoric rise of Premier League.

But while being the sovereign king of football leagues and sports betting, Premier League is not the only competition worth your time and money when it comes to making a punt.

Let’s take a look at the most popular sports for online betting in Kenya.

  1. As we said, football has to be number one. There are plenty of research papers pointing out that the majority of Kenyans support a team from England. But if you’re looking at something more local, there are odds and markets for Kenyan Premier League, as well as other major and minor competitions and cups.
  2. Tennis is the next on our list. Everybody enjoys watching it, and it’s even greater for betting, as there are no draws, and you can also find some interesting markets.
  3. Basketball is gaining traction in Kenya. And in addition to being the most famous league in the world, NBA will let you make live bets whole night, thanks to the time difference.
  4. Volleyball is a sport that we Kenyans are getting pretty good at. And what better way to further your passion for it than following the statistics and making a bet?
  5. Table tennis has also risen recently. We think it’s because of the live streaming being offered on the new betting sites in Kenya.
  6. Maybe we’re not as crazy about it as our friends from Asia are, but cricket has a lot of fans in Kenya, and you can actually find a ton of interesting potential bets once you get to know this sport.
  7. Speaking of British sports that are followed by many in Kenya, let’s not forget rugby with its amazing competitions and see-saw results that are just great for live betting.
  8. Similar to rugby, only ever so attractive, almost to the point of being a Hollywood movie is American Football. Apart from NFL, players from Kenya can also bet on CFL, College Football and so on.
  9. Running is our national sport, and yes, the best betting sites in Kenya will indeed offer you the chance to bet on athletics – like Diamond League meetings or IAAF World Athletics Championships.
  10. Combat sports are, pardon our pun, all the rage. And with UFC being a spectacle it is, you can also join in by following your favourite fighters and betting on them beating the other guy,

Types of sports bets: Analyzing the different sports betting types

Where online betting in Kenya and abroad has truly won is the sheer number of options that are presented to the player. Kindly check our overview on different types of bets that you can encounter on Kenyan betting websites and apps.

  • 1×2 or Moneyline bet is the simplest of them all: you are betting on a team to win, or you’re picking a draw (not eligible in tennis, volleyball or similar sports).
  • Total Over/Under is yet another popular market. Here you’ll be betting on a combined number of goals or points scored in a match. For example, Manchester United and Arsenal are playing and you’re wagering that there will be over total 2.5 goals. So if the result is 2:1, it doesn’t matter who triumphed – your bet is good.
  • Single bet is, like the name suggests, when your bet slip contains only one match. If you have two, it’s called a double bet.
  • And if you have more than three, it’s usually called an Accumulator bet or a Parlay bet. But keep in mind that all your bets on the bet slip need to win in order for you to cash out.
  • Futures bets or Special bets are for those that are capable of waiting, as well as those in-the-know. Here you are wagering on a future outcome of a competition or a sporting event. For example, in August you might have made a futures bet that Manchester City will again win the Premier League.
  • Correct score bet is a high-risk high-reward bet. If you can predict a correct score of a football or tennis match, you will win a lot more than just by punting on a straight outcome.
  • Handicaps and Asian handicaps will also increase the odds. There are handicaps in football, but they are more often used in basketball or American Football. If one team is heavily favoured to win a match, the odds might not be that amazing. But if you take handicap into account, it just might make it to your bet slip.
  • Live betting is of such importance that we will, in fact, dedicate a whole chapter of our article to it. So read on.

The beauty of live betting: How to bet during the match

In the old days, you would typically visit a brick-and-mortar betting shop in a city in Kenya, make your parlay and then patiently wait for the matches to begin. Your hands would be tied when it comes to the outcome.

But thanks to online betting sites, in Kenya you can now make a wager even after the match has started. This way not only you enhance your chances of winning, but you also don’t have to crawl in the dark so to speak, as you will be able to bet after you see how the teams play.

Of course, there are some nuances that you need to keep in mind:

  • The odds can change dramatically depending on what is happening on the pitch, so always be on the lookout.
  • Just because you are absolutely sure a team will win after conceding a goal, for example, does not mean that you should empty your account completely. Bet wisely, and even more so when it comes to live betting.
  • Sometimes the wisest thing to do is just wait out. You have, for instance, the whole half-time to pick a winning bet.

Sports betting apps for mobile phones: Betting on Android and iOS in Kenya

Most of the websites that we cover are actually tremendous and you’ll feel just like you’re in a regular casino. But you don’t have to sit in front of a desktop, or even laptop computer – you can also use the mobile betting site.

But wait, there is even a better way to make a punt from your mobile phone. These are the online betting apps in Kenya. As a general rule, they will be superior to a website. They are definitely safer, and the best betting apps will roll out updates to rectify bugs and issues. You will also be able to add your favourite matches and to turn on notifications.

The top betting apps in Kenya for Android and iOS devices will also be, as we will demonstrate, easy to install.

Let’s first take a look at pros and cons of sport betting apps, and then we’ll meet some of them.

Pros Cons
They are convenient and will allow betting on the go 24/7 You need to make sure you have a stable internet connection, especially if you plan to bet live
Will work great on the majority of devices Sometimes the apps can be a bit tricky to install
The apps can be personalized, so you get the best experience If the app is not developed correctly, it might slow down or overburden your phone
Best betting companies in Kenya will allow customers to make payments via the apps
Sometimes there are also special bonuses and promotions

Top betting apps in Kenya

Now that you know the advantages of the betting apps, let’s take a look at some of our favourites and what they will bring to your device.

Online betting app Welcome bonus Minimum deposit/withdrawal Cryptocurrencies accepted Android/iOS
Paripesa Yes 120 KES / 225 KES Yes Yes/Yes
BetWinner Yes 120 KES / 200 KES Yes Yes/Yes
GG.BET Yes USD 5 / USD 20 Yes Yes/Yes
22Bet Yes INR 150 / INR 700 Yes Yes/Yes
PariMatch Yes USD 5 / USD 10 Yes Yes/Yes

How to install sports betting apps on Android

There are some bad news and some good news when it comes to downloading the sports betting app on Android in Kenya.

The bad news is that, because of Kenyan laws and Google regulations, it is not possible to freely download the apps from Google Play Store.

But the good news is that you will be able to get them using the official websites. Please always keep in mind that this is the only proper way of doing it, seeing as there are a lot of scam websites.

In our reviews, we’ll tell you how to get each betting app in particular, and we will also provide helpful links.

And if you’re reading this on an iPhone, there are also some bad news and some good news. The good news is that betting apps for iOS are usually found on AppStore Kenya. But unfortunately, there are some bookies that still haven’t developed them.

How to deposit money for betting via mobile phone

We’ve already mentioned that the strong asset of mobile betting is the ability to make a payment in just a couple of seconds. This is especially important if you plan to find a betting site that will accept M-Pesa Kenya.

Apart from M-Pesa, you will be able to replenish your account using copious payment methods, like Visa and Mastercard, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, or the ever more popular cryptocurrencies.

The process usually goes like this:

  1. Open up your sports betting app or the mobile betting site and tap “Deposit”
  2. Select your preferred option from the list of available methods.
  3. Add the desired amount and tap “Confirm”.
  4. The money should be in your account ASAP.

As we said, you can also use M-Pesa with plenty of betting companies in Kenya. You will need to have a valid phone number with M-Pesa installed.

Payment systems at sports betting sites in Kenya

Here is a quick roundup of the most popular options for payment on the most popular betting sites and apps in Kenya.

Name of payment instrument Average minimum deposit Average minimum withdrawal Processing time Betting sites in Kenya that accept this method
M-Pesa 150 KES 150 KES Instant 888Starz, BetWinner
AstroPay 200 KES 200 KES Instant GG.Bet, Paripesa
Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro) 250 KES 250 KES Instant 22Bet, Parimatch
Skrill 200 KES 350 KES Instant betObet,
PerfectMoney 150 KES 150 KES Instant Paripesa, 22Bet
Cryptocurrencies 350 KES 500 KES Instant Helabet, BetWinner

Betting with cryptocurrencies in Kenya 2023

The cryptorevolution and online betting go hand-in-hand. In the past year or so, there betting sites in Kenya have wholeheartedly accepted the cryptocurrencies, so now you can make a deposit and even collect your winnings to your cryptowallets in a blink of an eye.

Most of the international betting sites have had the crypto-option already, and we were eager to find out if the online betting sites in Kenya have followed. We’re happy to report that they have.

Kenyan betting site and app Cryptocurrencies accepted Average minimum deposit in crypto
Paripesa Bitcoin, Ripple, Tether, Litecoin, Dogecoin 400 KES
BetWinner Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin 500 KES
888Starz Bitcoin, Litecoin, 888Tron 100 KES
22Bet Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Shiba Inu 120 KES
Helabet Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Litecoin, Bitcoin 450 KES

How to sign up and start betting for real money in Kenya

By now you have probably realized that it really might be a good idea to try the online betting. Perhaps you have already looked at the bonuses and payment options and decided on your next betting site.

But how to go from there to making your first deposit? It’s easy as pie, actually, and even though there are some differences, the process usually looks like this.

  1. Choose a sports betting site using our cheat-sheet and after reading our honest reviews.
  2. Sign up as a new user. To do this, you will probably need a working mobile phone with a valid +254 phone number, although some bookies will allow registering with email address.
  3. Once you have confirmed your account, log in and you’ll be very close to the welcome bonus.
  4. To grab it, make your first deposit using your preferred method.
  5. Now that you have some money in your account, you can start betting. We recommend placing a simple 1X2 bet first, just to get into the mood.

Why you should verify your account on Kenyan betting sites

It’s great to place a bet, but you’re here for the money, aren’t you? And in order to collect that money, you will need to be a verified user of an online casino or betting site.

To verify your account, you will need to send some proof of your identity to the company. Sometimes there is a nice option to upload it in your account’s settings, while some bookies will ask you to send them an email or contact them on social media.

We realise this might sound like unnecessary hard-work, but trust is, it’s really helpful. And we’ll give you several reasons.

  • This way no one can open up a new account under your name or number, so it’s much more secure.
  • You’ll be able to withdraw your winnings.
  • The customer support will be even more helpful.

These are the most common documents that you will be required to send over to verify your account.

Passport Driving licence
Photograph (selfie) while holding an identity document Utility bill
Screenshot of your bank app M-Pesa Paybill

How to block your betting account

If for whatever reason you wish to deactivate your betting account, the best betting sites in Kenya will allow you to do so.

For reasons of gambling problems or any other reason, players can use the self-restricting option which will make it possible for them to close their account for a certain period of time.

Please note that it’s usually only verified accounts that can be blocked.

The blocking and self-restricting is usually done by sending an email or contacting the bookie in some other way.

Legality of online betting in Kenya

We certainly wouldn’t want you breaking any laws, so before we even started this adventure with you, we’ve made sure that online betting is completely legal in Kenya.

Once you try out different betting apps and websites, though, you will see that not all of them are registered in Kenya, or indeed in Africa. Furthermore, some of them can have a license from Kenya’s Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB), while others will carry a license from some off-shore heaven.

It’s important to know that both of these approaches are alright. Just because a betting site isn’t registered with BCLB does NOT mean that it is not legal in Kenya. Even some major brands, as you will see, have their address in Curacao, Philippines or Cyprus.

How to find the license information of a betting company

The information about license is one of the most important things for an online casino or a betting site. That is why you should pay close attention to it and locate it as soon as you visit a website that offers sports betting or card games.

If this information is not available on the main page, stay clear from that website as it is probably a scam.

In our reviews, you will find the licensing information and we will not write about betting sites in Kenya that don’t have them – even if they are purported to be “popular”.

Best tips for betting online for real money in 2023

We hope that you have already decided to enter the wonderful world of online betting. But to get really good at it, you should listen to the advice of experienced bettors.

Here is what you should have in mind when it comes to online betting:

  • Habits are great, but even if you think you’ve found the best sports betting site, it doesn’t hurt to try another. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • You’ll be spending a huge chunk of time on the betting websites. Make sure they look and work nice on your computer or on your phone.
  • Do you own an iPhone? There are betting companies that have developed great apps for mobile devices, including those running on iOS.
  • Don’t just look at the amount of the welcome bonus. Read the fine print, especially the wagering requirements.
  • Not satisfied with the payment options, like lack of cryptocurrencies? Next, please.
  • Some betting sites are great for football, others have a sportsbook dominated by tennis or basketball. If you’re into futures or special bets, pick a bookie that will best serve your needs.
  • Never bet what you cannot afford to lose. Sports betting should serve your passion for sports, not the other way around.
  • Try some new sports or competitions. You never know, perhaps you’re the expert on horse racing and you didn’t even know it!

How to get fresh and new bonus codes in Kenya

Best Kenyan betting sites will offer promotional codes to their users, and some will have developed a VIP section with rewards for players.

Always be on the lookout for bonus codes, but also never forget that a lot of them are time-sensitive. If you don’t use a promotional code, you might lose it.

Read the Terms and Conditions, especially when it comes to bonuses

The “fine print” isn’t there just as a Christmas decoration. You can find out a lot of useful information once you dive into Terms and Conditions that the leading betting sites in Kenya will have.

For example, the wagering requirements for welcome bonuses are always a little bit “hidden” and you should read them thoroughly. Of course, we will simplify all of that in our reviews.

It also doesn’t hurt to read the FAQs on some websites.

Responsible gambling: Getting help when you need it

Who doesn’t love to make some money with knowledge or with luck? But unfortunately, gambling can easily become a problem if you’re not careful.

The most responsible betting companies will not leave their customers hanging, and they will offer help to users who suffer. It’s not in anyone’s interest for somebody to go in debt – sports betting should be fun.

There are plenty of organizations all around Kenya that are specialized for providing help to bettors. It is always a good idea to talk to somebody and to come clean, and to block your own account if you realize you have a problem.

Online betting vs. traditional betting shops

The sports on offer are the same, the sportsbooks look alike, but the experience is completely different. There are plenty of major distinctions between making a bet online and visiting traditional betting shops that are still opening up throughout Kenya.

Here are the main features that will certainly show you why online betting sites are the future:

  • You can bet on the go, whenever and wherever you are. No more traffic congestions or problems with computers not working in betting shops. Not to mention the possibility of operator mistakenly adding some completely random match to your bet slip.
  • Oh, and no more losing your paper betslips. Everything is digital, which means that everything is safe.
  • No game on TV? Not even in the betting shop? Not a problem, just login to your favourite betting app or website and look for the live stream.

Still not sure? Perhaps our table will help you out.

Online sportsbook Physical sportsbook
Hundreds, if not thousands of potential bets waiting for you Limited number of options to bet on
Live betting has never been so easy Live betting is possible, but it is a little bit of a nuisance
Make a parlay in just a few taps, few seconds before a match starts What if your pen stops working in that fateful moment?
Easy withdrawal of your winnings You will have to wait in order to get your hard-earned shillings
Welcome bonuses to get you started

Frequently asked questions about online betting in Kenya

Is it legal to bet on sports in Kenya?

Yes. The betting in our country is regulated by laws, and only betting companies with a valid registration and license are allowed to have legal websites. You can check out this information on their website, as well as on our website.

What are the most popular sites for betting in Kenya?

There are a lot of great bookmakers operating in Kenya and they all have their own pros and cons. But if we have to name some, we’d put Paripesa, Parimatch, N1Bet or GG.Bet near the very top of our list of betting sites in Kenya.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Yes, unfortunately. Under the measures brought by the Treasury Cabinet, bettors need to pay 20 percent of the winnings. The betting companies are responsible for withholding this amount and remit to the taxman. There is also a betting tax for companies, which is charged at 15% of the revenue.

What is the age limit for deposits?

You have to be of legal age in order to make an account and bet online in Kenya. Without the valid identification, you will not be able to sign up. We completely support this and wish to remind you that our website is also strictly for 18+ users.

What is the most consistent sport to bet on?

This is a great question, but we’re afraid that there is no easy answer. While football (soccer) will be at the top of everyone’s mind, research says that actually professional basketball (NBA in particular) is the most predictable. We’d recommend betting on a sport that you are a fan of and that you know particularly well.

What is the easiest sport to bet on and win?

Again, this is a hard one. But generally speaking, the easiest sports to bet on are the ones with the large betting markets, like football (English Premier League), basketball (NBA) or American Football (NFL). You will find a lot of statistics and betting tips in this tier.

What happens if you bet on both sides to win?

Technically, you will not be able to win if you do that, because of the profit of bookmaker. For example, if there’s a tennis match with two equally good players, the odds on them winning will be 1.90 and 1.90. But there are some ways to beat the odds: a bettor can place a bet on one side, and find another betting site where the odds on the other side are greater.

Can you make a living by sports gambling?

A lot of people will certainly brag about it, but we’d stay clear of them – and stay clear of trying to make it into a profession. Sports betting should be fun, and should serve as a helping hand to your home or personal budget. But it can also become a danger, and you would not want that. Let’s keep it in the green, shall we?

What is the most unpredictable sport?

Have you watched the FIFA World Cup in Qatar? Then you’ll probably think that football is by far the most unpredictable sport of them all. But there are other competitions that are really hard to predict, like college basketball or Australian rules football. And Americans will probably throw the baseball in there for good measure.

Can I bet on sports using cryptocurrency?

Yes, and you can do that via many betting apps in Kenya. Almost all of the sites we will cover have at least the most popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, with some even accepting those meme-coins like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. Replenishing your account with crypto can be a good thing for many reasons.

Do I need to be an expert to bet on sports on these betting websites?

No, not at all. You should first and foremost love sports – whether you’re into MMA, Athletics or a fan of Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur – which will help you make a punt and understand what’s going on. You’ll become a betting expert in no time, trust us.