Top online roulette in Kenyan casinos

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Casino Minimum deposit Welcome bonus Types of roulette Roulette table providers
Bangbet 100 KES 50% up to 10 000 KES Indian Roulette, Speed Roulette, Ruby Roulette Pragmatic Play
N1 Bet USD 10 20% up to 200 USD + free spins Personal Roulette, Mini Roulette, European Roulette Truelab, Belatra, Spinomenal
GG.Bet USD 7 100% up to USD 500 European Roulette, American Roulette, Common draw Roulette Evoplay, Smartsoft Gaming, Netent
22Bet 125 KES 100% up to 35 000 KES Auto Roulette, Wheel Roulette, Russian SuperSpade Games, TVBet, Pragmatic Play
PariPesa 1200 KES 100% up to 177 500 KES Live Roulette, Lighting Roulette, French Roulette Authentic Gaming, SA Gaming, Vivo Gaming

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word “casino”? Yes, you can play poker at traditional casinos, and yes, you can definitely play online slots at casinos for real money.

But there is a game that is even more synonymous with the casino experience. Yes, roulette is what makes the world go round, just like that little ball that can make all the difference between happiness and sorrow.

The excitement and beauty of real-life roulette, fortunately, are perfectly replicated in the best online casinos for real money. There are plenty of options for an eager player in Kenya for this thrilling and fun game that can win you some serious cash.

While we cannot deny that playing roulette “offline” is also good, the advancement of technology means that you can enjoy roulette from wherever you are – and that means on the go, too.

So let us tell you all about those lucky numbers, the great single-player tables, or the games where you can actually compete with other players – all from the comfort of your home in Kenya.

That is right, in this article we will recommend top gambling sites in Kenya for playing roulette online – for real money or just for fun. Of course, we’ll be talking about how to maximise your chances of winning at a roulette game.

Please note that we have collected this data for our honest reviews of best casino sites in Kenya – and you can check them out on the main page of website

What is roulette and why is it so popular

There’s a great anecdote regarding the history of roulette – the famous mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal is purported to be the inventor of roulette game.

While that is not 100% certain, what we definitely know is that roulette draws its name from the French word that means “little wheel”.

It has become a mainstay of Parisian casinos and then conquered the world, while in the 21 century it has shifted online, so there are literally thousands of amazing gambling sites to play roulette.

We’ll talk a bit more about them in a minute, but right now we want to tell you about two different versions of roulette games.

  • You can play roulette online against a computer software, or RNG. These kind of games have lower stakes or minimum bets and are generally more fast paced.
  • The majority of players will choose roulette with a live dealer, where you will be able to see a real person spinning the wheel – trust us, it’s just like playing in a real casino! Many customers prefer this option as it is truly more authentic.

You can find both of these options at Kenyan real money casinos, and the next chapter of our article is dedicated to finding the best casino for roulette in Africa.

Where to play roulette for real money safely

Whether you want to play a roulette simulation game or enjoy the casino experience with croupiers, they are offered by the trusted Kenyan real money casinos.

But just like there are different types of roulette, with their own rules and features (more on that later!), there are no two identical casinos.

How to choose the best casino for roulette

This is why it is necessary to choose the casino that is just perfect for you. Let’s see if we can help you categorize and rate best online roulette casinos in Kenya and abroad.

  • Don’t even think about visiting a casino that is not legal and licensed. You can find the information of the license on every casino’s website, but there is another clue, too. If it is featured on our website, you can definitely trust it.
  • Some casinos don’t have that many table games – or don’t have them at all. So choose the ones with a good assortment of table games like roulette. Another thing that can help you with this is to look at the list of game providers.
  • We’ll explain more about different types of roulettes, the house edge and the winning chances per spin. But for now, it’s important to remember that the more different types of roulette table a casino has – the better it is.
  • Want a quick shortcut to one such casino? Look no further than Bet, which has a tremendous offer of roulette – as well as many other games. Check out our review of the casino for more information.
  • And speaking of casinos, they tend to offer stunning welcome bonuses for newly registered players. Just sign up and grab the (almost) free money to start your game. We did say almost, because there are wagering requirements involved…
  • There aren’t that many roulette games with free spins, but it’s always a nice promotion to have in a casino. After all, you do want to try your luck at some online slots, too, right?
  • When the bonus money runs out, you can always replenish your account using different payment methods. One of the most used ones in Kenya is M-Pesa, but you may also use the credit cards or cryptocurrencies.
  • It helps when you are aware of minimum and maximum deposit limits, too.
  • In the end, it all comes down to the user experience. And to provide the best customer service, many Kenyan casinos have a phone line or a live chat option to take care of your problems.

Top 3 best Kenyan casinos for roulette 2023

When we criss-cross all of these major features of online roulette casinos, perhaps it is possible to make a tentative list of best real money casinos for roulette tables.

This is just a suggestion, mind you, so don’t hesitate to write to us after you’ve discovered an even better casino for playing roulette online.

Casino brand License Welcome bonus Wagering Minimum deposit
22Bet Kenya 100% up to 35 000 KES 50x 125 KES
PariMatch Curacao 100% up to 1,500 USD 35x USD 8
Paripesa Curacao 100% up to 177 500 KES 35x 120 KES

Different types of roulette games and tables

Okay, we’ve learned WHERE to play, but now let’s see HOW to play roulette online.

While there are dozens of roulette games that vary in their difficulty, minimum and maximum stakes and even a number of balls and pockets, there are five or six most popular among them.

Let’s first check them out and then we’ll explain more about them.

Roulette game type Description Popular providers Available in Kenya
European Roulette With 37 pockets and a single green pocket with 0 on it, it has a somewhat lower house edge, which is why it’s very popular Spinomenal, Fugaso GG.Bet
American Roulette Unlike European roulette, the American version has two pockets with zeroes – you will recognise the other one, as it is marked “00” Betsoft, Netent PariMatch
French Roulette Slightly less options for bets than the European type roulette, which means a bit higher chances for winning Evoplay, Microgaming 888Starz
Live VIP roulette Whenever you see the “VIP”, understand that these are the tables for those high-money wagers. The minimum spin value tends to be around USD 5 1SoftBet, Spinomenal
Auto Roulette There is no dealer spinning wheels, and instead everything is automated Winfinity, Pragmatic Play 22Bet
Double ball roulette Not that popular currently, this table has two balls, so prepare yourself for some larger payouts if both balls land in the same pocket Evolution Games Paripesa
Mini roulette Fairly similar to European Roulette, there are mini tables here with number from 0 to 12. It makes it even more exciting Playtech Games Europa Casino Kenya

Differences between European, American and French roulette online

Seeing as these three types of roulette games are by far the most popular, we wanted to explain even more about what players can expect from American Roulette and its counterparts.

European Roulette American Roulette French Roulette
Pockets / numbers 37 38 37
Number of 0’s 1 2 1
House edge Medium Highest Lowest

Top providers for roulette in online casinos Kenya

Most of the gaming providers offer some of the roulette games – if not all of them. Every now and then they will add some more tables for you to enjoy and they might spice them up with good looking dealers or some extra features.

Let’s take a look at the leading software companies producing roulette tables.

Game provider Popular  tables Demo available Yes / No
Netent Roulette, American Roulette TM Yes
Smartsoft Gaming Virtual Burning Roulette, Virtual Classic Roulette Yes
Fugaso Neon Roulette, Lucky Spin EU Roulette Yes
1BetSoft VIP American Roulette, European Roulette Small Bets Yes
Spinomenal European Roulette Xmas, Yes
Netent Roulette Advanced Yes

How to play roulette at online casinos

Before we get into rules and strategies, there are some steps players need to take. The major one, of course, is to sign up for online casino with roulette and make your first deposit.

While the latter stipulation isn’t always necessary, as you can actually play roulette online for free by testing the demo mode, registering for Kenyan real money casino will bring you a hefty welcome bonus for starting your game.

You can find the guide to registering for every particular online casino in our reviews, but generally, this simple process looks like this:

  1. Sign up for a new account using a registration button at one of the best roulette online casinos. All you will need is a phone number and some personal information.
  2. Make your first deposit with any of the available payment options. M-Pesa might be most secure, but there are faster options, too.
  3. Pick a real roulette game and spend those free bonus shillings whichever way you please. Remember, roulette should and could be fun!

Basic rules of online roulette in casinos

We’ve waited enough, let that little ball spin and let’s see where it lands – it doesn’t get any better than this at online casinos.

To put it simply, the goal is to guess the number (or a pocket) where the ball will land, and what is really amazing is that everyone can do it. Yes, the most basic versions are very novice-friendly, and it doesn’t get much more complicated at those advanced or VIP roulette games.

  • The wheel has 37 (or 38 in the American game) pockets, all numbered from 0 to 36.
  • The roulette table can have a different combinations for the bets. For example, you can bet on the colour of the numbers, evens, odds and various other markets. You place your chips, or your stakes / wagers on the table.
  • Your “guy” at the roulette table is called a croupier. He is the dealer, and he will place the little white ball onto the wheel when he or she takes all the bets.
  • If a ball lands on the number or a combination that you’ve picked, congratulations – your bet has won.

Types of bets at online casino roulette game

While there are plenty of combinations for bets, there are two wagers that can encompass them all.

  • Inside bets are, like the name suggests, placed inside the roulette table. Some of the bets in these category is corner, street or split. They have smaller chances to win, but higher potential payouts.
  • Outside bets are the simpler kind. They include odd/even, high/low, red/black and similar combinations. They don’t have such huge payouts, but can offer higher chance of those little wins for your bankroll and account.

Best bets and glossary of roulette terms for gambling

We’ve mentioned some of the bets and now let’s see the most productive wagers with their payouts.

Type of roulette bet Feature and explanation Payout
Straight Bet on any particular number 35:1
Split Bet on the line between any two numbers 17:1
Street Place your wager on the end of the three consecutive numbers 11:1
Corner Wager on 4 adjacent numbers 8:1
Six lines Bet on 6 consecutive numbers 5:1
Dozen Place a wager on any of the three groups consisting of 12 numbers (1-12, 13-24 or 25-36) 2:1
Even/Odds Bet on all even or all odd numbers 1:1
Red/Black Will the ball land on black or red pocket? 1:1
High/Low Wager whether the ball will land on higher or lower number 1:1

Tips for playing slots for real money or for free online

We want to share our expertise and thus give our readers the edge when it comes to playing roulette in Kenya, but it’s always important to remember that roulette, just like free slots, blackjack or other popular casino tables, is a game of chance.

This means that you should definitely stay away from all those website, videos and social media posts that talk about teaching you how to beat roulette. The red flag should definitely be any website that claims the roulette tables can be rigged, because it is most probably a scam.

Let’s first take a look at some of the basic gambling tips, and then we’ll introduce the strategies that can help you win money on roulette.

  1. Only choose the best casinos, that will offer a good customer service and that boast a great design. Check out our reviews for our thorough analyses of the top Kenyan real money casinos.
  2. Pick a roulette game. While they are indeed all called roulette, as you have seen in this article, the games vary greatly. American roulette might be more popular when it comes to global casinos, but Kenyan players seem to enjoy European roulette with a lower house edge.
  3. Set your limits, because that little white ball might make your head spin. Don’t let that happen and play according to your budget – the juicy welcome bonus might help you set your limits.
  4. Don’t hesitate to use free roulette tables at online casinos to practice a bit. This will make you familiar with variations, too.
  5. Keep your eyes open, especially if you play with live dealers. For example, a dealer might place a ball in the particular angle, which might help you guess where it will land.
  6. Check out casino promotions, and check them out often. It’s even easier if you’ve registered for several online casinos in Kenya. Many will offer different promotions and even table games tournaments where you can win some big prizes.

Most popular strategies for roulette wins

Let’s talk about strategies a bit. Never think that any of them will work completely, but they might help some players come to terms with roulette rules and master the game.

There are some roulette fans that just swear by these strategies, so we feel we owe our readers an explanation.

  • First of all, there are those well-known, and some might argue classic progressive betting strategies like Martingale. This simple method is used in the bets like red/black or evens/odds – you just double your stake whenever you lose a bet, and reset when you get a win.
  • Reversed Martingale can net you bigger wins if you double the wager after you win a bet. The point is to maximise your winnings when you are on the roll.
  • D’Alembert system is when you choose a bet and you just increase or decrease your stakes in accordance to goings on the table.
  • Fibonacci strategy is a rather complicated method where you choose your wagers by betting the amount you’ve lost – until the winning bet.

Play real money roulette vs. playing free game version?

In order to excel at roulette online, start by playing it in demo mode – you can even do so on those live tables with dealers at certain casinos.

Of course, it’s much more exciting when you can actually win some money, so we’ve prepared this list of pros and cons for you.

Playing roulette for real money Playing roulette for free
All the best roulette tables and other casino games are waiting for you when you sign up You don’t even need to register in a casino – although that means missing out on a welcome offer
Apart from a welcome bonus, you can also enjoy various promotions like cashback or even tournaments Players can practice various strategies and check out different games at no cost
You can keep all your winnings, and then transfer them to your bank account with just a click of a button If you’re only looking for fun, online roulette is one of the best hobbies you can have
Choose VIP tables for those high-rolling games, but there are also low-limit tables for you to start There aren’t that many casinos offering gambling for free, at least not in Kenya

Can you play roulette on mobile app?

Yes, indeed. You can try the best roulette tables on the mobile gambling websites or use any of the casino apps Kenya that we’ve reviewed for you. There are no limits to what you can do with mobile roulette – it will all depend on your knowledge, time, money and of course luck.


Is it legal to play roulette in Kenya?

Yes. One of the traditional gambling games has made a successful transition to the online world, so now everyone can enjoy roulette in the licensed Kenyan casinos for real money.

Can I play online roulette for free?

Yes. There are plenty of online casinos that will let you play roulette for fun as much as you like, without even the need to make a new casino account. Of course, should you wish to win some real money, then signing up is the way to go.

Can you teach me how to win at online roulette game?

No. Just like its counterparts, blackjack or slot machines, roulette depends on the luck entirely. Where that white ball will land is anyone’s guess, and that is a very fair and nice thing.

I hear American roulette is better than European roulette. Is that true?

No. You cannot make this type of comparison or assumption. They are similar but yet different games, and many players enjoy them both. Look for the features and try the game for free so you can decide for yourself.

Can I make money playing online roulette?

Yes. Just like any other casino game, roulette can also make you rich, but only if you’re very lucky and very smart. Don’t ever try to up the stakes if it breaks your bankroll, and keep an eye on your limits.

Are there casino bonuses for roulette?

Yes. There is the famed welcome offer in many top casinos Kenya in 2023, but there’s even more than that. Registered users can also get some of their money back thanks to the cashback, for example.

Can I play online roulette on my mobile phone?

Yes, and thanks to the great designs of gambling websites and the beautiful mobile screens, it will be an even better experience than playing on your computer – or in person. Best of all, you don’t need a roulette app, as most of Kenyan casino apps will offer a plethora of roulette games.

What is the minimum bet in roulette?

It depends on the table, the provider, or the casino. You can start really small on some sites for gambling, where stakes are as low as 10 KES.